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I am so excited to bring our new weight loss program to our patients.  Healthy weight is absolutely critical to health.  For many of our patients, weight loss is the single most important priority to improve their health. Illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, joint pain, heart disease and many others can be cured or vastly improved.  But, losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks anyone can face.  

Obesity is an illness.  Like other illnesses, it takes an in depth understanding of the complex interactions between your body, food and activity to treat.  For these reasons, I strongly believe weight loss requires a team approach and that a physician should lead the team.  This is true in terms of success and in terms of safety.  In addition, the team approach is necessary to ensure consistency over the weeks or months that it takes to lose the weight.

As many of you know, we are using the Ideal Protein Protocol with great results.  The fact is, if you can avoid carbohydrates and eat a reasonable number of calories (protein and fats), you will lose weight.  Women in our program average 2.5 pounds of weight loss per week.  Men closer to 3 to 4 pounds per week.  The key is consistency.  

While anyone can do a "low carb" diet on their own (and I generally encourage most patients to try this first), it is difficult to have the discipline and staying power to stay true for the length of time necessary.  Our coaches help make sure you stay on track and meet with you in person at least once a week.  

Let's look at an example.  A 53 year old woman wishes to loose 40 pounds.  After being cleared by a physician to begin, she meets with her coach and has body composition analysis done, measurements, weight and photos (if desired).  She then receives a customized weight loss plan and journal.  She will meet with her coach every week and repeat her analysis and review the plan.  She will receive training and start on 3 meal replacements per day.  She will continue to eat 1 meal per day outside the diet and we specifically teach what to eat and what to avoid.  This outside meal is the first step in learning how to eat outside the diet.  We anticipate she will lose her goal 40 pounds over 16 weeks.  She will continue to see her coach as she transitions off the meal replacements and continues to build knowledge of how to eat outside the diet.

So that summarizes the myWELLNESS Weight Loss approach.   Please call 845-5700 for more information.  Ask for Emmanuel or Julie.  Email:

Best of luck in your own weight loss.

Dr Payne

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