The primary focus of the myWELLNESS® program is prevention of illness and promotion of good health.  To this end, every one of our patients receives a comprehensive myWELLNESS® assessment or myWELLNESS® Executive Physical every year.  However, many patients already have illnesses either through bad luck or (more often) lifestyle. Being overweight is the most powerful cause of health problems for most people.


With this in mind, we are delighted to bring our weight loss program to you.  Once you are part of myWELLNESS®, we will analyze your health and especially your weight.  We will then develop a personalized plan for exercise and diet that fits your ability and desire to lose weight.  If diet and exercise alone are not enough, we now have additional weight loss options to choose from.  Please contact us at 532-6069 or via our Practice Fusion Patient Portal for more information.