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Here's the real story--I am an internal medicine doctor...  

About 6 years ago I joined a private practice.  After working like a fiend seeing 30+ patients a day, I decided to change my practice.  I became a "Private Physician".  This is sometimes called "Concierge Medicine" (although I don't like this term much).

This is how my practice used to be (and how most visits to the doctor are still):

--3-4 month waiting list for an appointment

--patients would get to see me for 10-20 minutes at the most

--patients would often wait for an hour or more for me in the lobby

--physical examinations were limited in scope

--I was not able to follow my patients in the hospital

--my staff had to protect me from hundreds of messages and phone calls, they actually formed a barrier between me and my patients to try and protect my time

--there was not enough time to do all of the things necessary for patients


I tried my best but the reality was it was not the best care.

This is how it is now:

--every patient has my personal cell number and email

--most visits are 45 to 90 minutes long

--patients' time is valuable and we make the wait short (usually less than 10 minutes)

--same day appointments for acute care--most of my patients do not have to use urgent care centers because they can be seen or can speak to me directly 24 hours a day 7 days a week

--questions answered in real time

--a comprehensive physical examination with a wellness report for every patient

--an "Executive Physical"  for upper Tier patients that is based on the same physical done at the Mayo Clinic and Cooper Clinic

--These Executive Physicals cost $2500 or more.  My upper Tier patients pay far less than this AND they have a private doctor who is on call for them 24/7

--I am able to take care of my patients if they are hospitalized

Each of my patients now receives the very best care I am capable of providing.

The cost of this program starts at $69 per month

I feel this is the future of medicine.  I believe that patients taken care of in this manner will live longer and healthier lives.  This is truly an investment in a person's future health.  If you think about all the things we spend money on, for the cost of basic cable or cell phone service, you can safeguard the most important thing--health.


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