Our Story

We once had the best healthcare system in the world. But things have changed drastically in the past generation.  There is no doubt that the current state of U.S. healthcare is poor. A recent report showed health outcomes in the United States rank about 50th in the world. That means many Americans are receiving healthcare that is 3rd world. During this time reimbursement for doctors has declined while at the same time the cost of practicing has risen dramatically.  

This has lead to the "assembly line" state of most doctors' offices. Without a high volume of patient visits, most doctors simply cannot afford to stay in business. The result is short rushed visits with long waits. Doctors' office staff are forced to put up walls to prevent access to the doctor. This makes it difficult to have even simple questions answered. Customer service is dead in healthcare.  

In 2014, Dr Payne formed myWELLNESS® to change this. Instead of the assembly line, myWELLNESS® is a custom shop. Every person has unique issues and needs. We make it our mission to understand this and take the time and extra effort to ensure our patients' healthcare is done right. Our doctors and our staff are committed to the highest quality care available. 

myWELLNESS® uses a membership system that allows the doctor to spend as much time as it takes to ensure a patient has all of their healthcare needs addressed. No more 8 minute visits. No more waiting hours in the lobby or weeks to get an appointment. Now patients are treated comprehensively at each visit. Urgent issues are guaranteed same-day appointments in most cases. But that is just the beginning.    

Each patient has 24 hour-a-day / 7 day-per-week access to the doctor via cell phone. Our staff are specially trained to provide individualized service and be genuinely helpful. Each year our Tier 1 patients receive a personalized Tier 1 myWELLNESS® preventive assessment and report. This is the road map to guide the prevention of future illness and ensure optimal management of chronic health issues. Our Tier 2 patients each undergo "Executive Physicals" based on the best practices of places like the Mayo Clinic and Cooper Clinic which include cardiac stress testing, pulmonary function testing and a comprehensive Tier 2 myWELLNESS® Executive Health Report.

Other services include in-hospital care, medical weight loss, the Obalon balloon weight loss system, cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal and skin treatments, telemedicine, expert sub-specialist referrals and many others.